The Prayer List

Title: Lost & Found

List of items lost/found on the church grounds.

Title: Prayer List
Date   January 2015

In The Hospital

Dr. Louis Howard

Bro. Alamo Ryans



The Bereaved

Tammy Brooks and Family


Victoria Williams
Albertus Galloway
Kim Wilbert
Lilly Mae Price
The Ryans’ Family
Andra Edwards
Dorothy Obryant
Bessie Ross
Delicy Watts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Madge Cook
Paulean Walker
Louis Howard Jr.
Gary Jackson
Doris Benjamin
Hazel Mitchell
Mary Darby
Oliver Emanuel
Lee Mack
Claudia Harris
Harvey Rusher Sr.
Sheila Humber
Clinton Russell
Myra Miller
Rev. William Fifer
Willie B. Hollingsworth
Larry Miles